If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here as I’ve been busy studying for my masters degree in London. Thankfully, exams and lectures are now over and it’s on to writing my dissertation.

Whilst doing my data analysis, I have been spending more time at home in the lovely countryside. As I have learnt some new fieldwork techniques this year, I wanted to try some of these out at home to see which animals are sharing our garden. I bought a basic wildlife camera online, looked for wildlife activity at the bottom of our garden, set up the camera and left it for a few days at time…and the pictures did not disappoint!

After only a week, we found pictures of badgers, muntjacs, foxes, rabbits, birds, squirrels…the list goes on! We thought there may have been a badger set but weren’t sure if it was active but it definitely is!

I thought I’d share some of these pictures on here and see what else we get throughout  summer. Enjoy!

Badger nightcam

2019-06-22 21.16.55

2019-06-22 21.18.12

2019-06-23 20.40.42

2019-06-22 08.43.49

2019-06-22 22.44.53

2019-06-22 20.46.28


2019-06-23 20.40.42


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